do you know? Investment in foreign real estate = immigration + return!

There was a popular word in 2016: “Go to stocks! Yes, this is the word that has become the overheated development direction of the national real estate market. How to go? This is sales, slowing down new construction, and parity. Domestic real estate is high, and hope to fall for many years. As much as expected, and as much as possible. But apart from just need, I don’t know how many properties are vacant!


According to media reports, national highway immigration experts learned that Beijing has the highest vacancy rate in the country! Taking Beijing as an example, as of January 2016, the vacancy rate of commercial housing in November 2015 was 26%, and the vacancy rate of office buildings was 6.8%. It is an indisputable fact that real estate prices are inflated. Do investors still need to choose domestic real estate investment? In fact, since 2014, a large number of investors have sold domestic real estate and invested overseas. Global asset allocation has become a hot topic in the past two years.


Domestic real estate prices are artificially raised, the bubble is getting bigger and bigger, and the demand for home purchases is declining. This is the internal reason that prompts investors and homebuyers to turn their attention to overseas. So what external factors are there to make them choose overseas real estate markets? National highway immigration experts gave the answer.

First, buy dip investment! Affected by the economic crisis, European and American countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, and Spain have been hit, and housing prices have fallen to the bottom. However, in recent years, with the attention of domestic investors and bottom-hunting investment, housing prices have steadily risen, and the room for appreciation and investment far exceeds that of domestic ones. Prices are at a low point and risks are relatively small.

Second, immigration management policy! Many different countries in Europe have opened the door to Chinese immigration in order to boost my country’s economy. The promulgation of a new immigration method for house purchases coincides with the wishes of domestic buyers and investors. While purchasing real estate, you can also obtain permanent residency status, making it more convenient to travel between domestic and foreign countries. In terms of the price of building a house in China, you can buy 2 houses of the same quality in countries such as Spain, Greece, and Portugal. Sometimes we can choose to buy a set of shops with a lease agreement of 5-7 years. Learning to get a lease return of more than 5% can be described as a win in one fell swoop. Experts on national highway immigration issues mainly introduce the development of countries where companies can directly purchase real estate through the Internet for immigration, including:

Spain: Buying a property of 500,000 euros, a family of three generations will get permanent residency, and the property will be permanently owned by themselves and passed on from generation to generation!

Portugal: Buying a real estate for 500,000 Euros, a family of three generations obtains permanent residency, the real estate is permanently owned and passed on from generation to generation!

Cyprus: You can borrow 300,000 euros to buy real estate, with a down payment of 90,000 euros, and a three-generation family can obtain permanent residency.

Greece: 250,000 euros to buy real estate, three generations of a family get permanent residency, permanent property to themselves, for generations!

Italy: Buying a property of 300,000 euros, you, your spouse and children can obtain permanent residency. The property will always belong to you, and it will be passed on from generation to generation!

Third, the freehold property rights of overseas real estate! There are 70 years of domestic property rights, and there are even many real estates that are only 30-50 years old, while foreign research is a freehold property, passed on from generation to generation. The real estate belongs to us permanently, and has a more complete legal development to provide social security. A capital investment will benefit from lifelong learning and enjoy it for generations.

The fourth is a high-quality environment!

Immigration experts say that people who choose to invest in foreign real estate and immigrants have many reasons, but any one of them is sufficient. If you have the conditions, I believe you will make the same choice.

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